The Tres Amigas SuperStation will employ the latest in power grid technologies, including superconductor cables, voltage source converters and energy storage systems.

Voltage Source Converters

Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) are power electronic systems that enable access to and from direct current (DC) lines and cables. This technology is being increasingly utilized in many locations around the world, and offers more versatility than more traditional forms of HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current), including the creation of multi-terminal HVDC networks. Installed at the point of connection at each of America's three asynchronous power grids, VSCs will transition the alternating current (AC) power flowing from the power lines feeding into the SuperStation into DC power and will then transition DC power into AC power at the adjacent grids. In essence, the Tres Amigas SuperStation will resemble a power roundabout or rotary, with superconductor cables serving as the main pathway for electricity and VSCs serving as on-ramps and off-ramps for the power.

Energy Storage - Xtreme Power

Tres Amigas SuperStation will employ Xtreme Power's Dynamic Power Resources™ (DPR™) to complement the transfer of energy by acting as the firming agent between interconnection points. The proven technology will store and redeliver energy to take advantage of energy arbitrage opportunities among grids. Through rapid charge-discharge cycles, the DPR™ will also provide fast, dynamic access to megawatts of power for smoothing intermittent renewable generation and providing ancillary services that enhance grid reliability and power quality.